NAS 2 Research Projects Completed by students at NMC: 

2009:Project Report –Wreck of the Metropolis (PDF)Project Report –Wreck of the Albatross (PDF)Project Report –Northport Mystery Spot (PDF)
2010:Project Report – Old Mission Small Craft (PDF)   Article on the projectProject Report – Corduroy Road (PDF)Project Report –Boise Blanc Pier (PDF)
2011:Project Report –
Elk Rapids Pier (PDF)
Project Report –
Elmwood Shipwreck (PDF)
Project Report –
Sleeping Bear Shoreline Shipwreck (PDF)
2012:Project Report –
Mission Point Lighthouse (PDF)
Project Report –
Historic Piers of Glen Arbor (PDF)
2013:Project Report –Peter Dougherty Pier Survey (Pdf)Project Report-Harriett (PDF)Project Report-A Survey of Prehistoric Cache Pits
at Samels Farm (PDF)
2014:Project Report –
Yuba Wreck (PDF)
Project Report –
Pipeline Survey (PDF)
Project Report-Flying Cloud Wreck (PDF)
2015:Project Report –Empire Rail Bridge (PDF)Project Report – Holmstead Wreck Survey (PDF)Project Report-Flying Cloud Wreck (PDF)
2016:Project Report –Northport Wreck Survey (PDF)Project Report – Bowers Harbor Wreck Survey (PDF)Project Report-Flying Cloud Wreck (PDF)
Current Research:Google Maps Data Base

Archaeological Sites in Grand Traverse Bay

The B West FoundMission Point Lighthouse

Part 4 Report (pdf)