NAS Part III-Utilizing Aerial Photography for Archaeology
Research and Information Technology module
This one day course will provide an introduction to the use of aerial photography for the identification and preliminary assessment of underwater and foreshore archaeological sites. Students will use aerial photography and software that is freely available in the public domain. The course is targeted at those individuals that are pursuing NAS III certification as well as professional archaeologists that have a desire to increase their skills in utilizing aerial photography in their particular areas of expertise.
  •  Theoretical introduction to aerial photography.
  •  Types of photography, postprocessing (orthorectification), the use of multispectral imagery, a brief introduction to remote sensing technology and integration of aerial photos into a Geographic Information System (GIS).
  •  Theoretical introduction to technical aspects of aerial photography; file formats, resolution, geo-referencing (world files), coordinate systems, taking measurements, photo editing, metadata.
  •  Instructor demonstrated introduction to aerial photography analysis, software capabilities for site identification, determination of geographic coordinates, coordinate conversion, preliminary site investigation and assessment.
  •  Students will participate in guided units covering site identification, coordinate determination and making site measurements.
  •  Students will take part in a final project in which they will search for an underwater site, determine the geographic coordinates of the site, and draw a preliminary site sketch showing approximate site dimensions and features.
Cost and Credits:
A maximum of 4 credit points will be avaliable in the Research and Information Technology module. The cost for the course is $90. It is recomended that students bring their own personal computer for use during the course. Part III courses are open to everyone; however credit points will only be awarded to those who have completed the NAS Part I and Part II Courses.
Teaching Outcomes:
Students will work through a series of instructor-led exercises as well as a final project they will complete at their own pace. Once this course is completed the student will have an understanding of how aerial photography can be used in the field of archaeology for site identification, evaluation and preparation for a field survey.
Suggested Reading:
Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG) web site. Short Introduction to Aerial Archaeology
Course Instructor: Jerry Taylor