NAS Part III Using Site Recorder 4
Survey, Recording and IT modules
This one day course will look at the need for recording sites including issues surrounding surveying in general and recording maritime sites including underwater sites in particular.  The course is aimed at both divers and non-divers, together with amateur and professional maritime archaeologists who have an interest in surveying and recording sites together with the storage and management of site information in a single repository.  The course will contain both theoretical and practical sessions, culminating in the surveying of a dry site, and the recording of the data obtained using 3D Site Recorder software. Students will be encouraged to bring and use their own personal computer for use in the practical exercise, and the course will include a downloadable version of the Site Recorder 4 SE (student edition) software for the use by students on future archaeological projects.
Course outline:
  •  Introduction to the importance of recording maritime sites looking in particular at recording accuracy, and the avoidance of errors.
  •  Reviewing 2D survey methods using offset, trilateration, ties and the use of planning frames.
  •  Examination of the problems associated with using 2D survey techniques on a 3D site.
  •  Looking at the use of Direct Survey Methods (DSM), for recording 3D sites, and investigating methods of processing DSM data.
  •  Instruction in the use of Site Recorder software for producing a site drawing and undertaking a practical exercise to practice survey and data processing techniques.
  •  Consider some case studies.
  •  Examine how Site Recorder can be used for the holistic storage and management of maritime archaeological site data, including surveys, drawings, dive logs, artefact records, photographs, video clips, geophysical data , conservation details , research and all other documentation and information that forms part of a site records.
Teaching Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, students will have obtained an understanding of the importance of recording archaeological sites, and various methods of obtaining site records.  Students will have aquired a basic knowlege of both 2D and 3D techniques for surveying maritime archaeological sites be they on land, intertidal or underwater , and they will have received instruction on the manipulation of DSM data to create a 3D site drawing using Site Recorder software.  Students will also have been introduced to the versatility and  comprehensive storage and archiving capability of site data using the full version of Site Recorder 4 which is a complete Geographic Information System (GIS) and Information Management System (IMS) package for maritime archaeologists.
Cost and Credits:
A maximum of 4 credit points will be available in the (1) Survey, (1) Recording and (2) IT module. The cost for the course is $80. It is recommended that students bring their own personal computers for use during the pratical element of the course.  Part III courses are open to everyone; however credit points will only be awarded to those who have completed the NAS Part I Course.
Suggested Reading:
Bowens, Amanda et al (2009): Archaeology Underwater, The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice, Nautical Archaeology Society, Fort Cumberland.
Course Instructor: Ian Cundy