NAS Part III – Underwater Acoustics
Survey Module
This one day course will provide participants with a basic understanding of the acoustic principles and geometry utilized in underwater surveys and an understanding of the basic advantages and disadvantages of the various acoustic system types available to the archaeologist. The course is aimed at divers, individuals undertaking the NAS Training program, as well as professional archaeologists wanting to increase their practical skills in underwater acoustic imaging.
Course outline:
Introduction to the basics of underwater acoustics and acoustical systems used in underwater archaeology.
Completion of classroom exercises in data interpretation and digital mosaic creation.
Completion of practical exercise using sector-scan sonar to complete a plan view of a site.
Cost and Credits:
A maximum of 8 credit points will be avaliable in the Survey module. The cost for the course is $250. Part III courses are open to everyone; however credit points will only be awarded to those who have completed the NAS Part I Course.
Teaching Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course participants will have been introduced to the theory, method and application of acoustic imaging within underwater archaeology. The practical skills introduced in the classroom will then be applied and expanded upon in a field exercise.  Students will have the opportunity to set up and operate a sector scan sonar system in Grand Traverse Bay. Several targets will be scanned as part of a group exercise and through this practical session participants will have been introduced to problems encountered in the field, the subtleties of equipment positioning and the real time interpretation of acoustic imaging data.
Suggested Reading:
Archaeology Underwater, The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice 2nd ed. A. Bowens (ed). 2009. Wiley-Blackwell, London.
Maritime Archaeology, A Technical Handbook 2nd ed. J. Green. 2004. Elsevier Academic Press, San Diego.
Principles of Underwater Sound 3rd ed. R. J. Urick. 1983. Peninsula Publishing. Los Altos, CA
Course Instructor: Brian Abbott