NAS Part III Position Fixing
Recording Module
This one day course will provide an introduction to the principles and practice of terrestrial surveying. The course is aimed at individuals undertaking the NAS Training program, as well as professional archaeologists wanting to develop skills in surveying. A range of approaches are explored from high-tech digital surveying to low-tech procedures suitable for rapid surveys.
Course Outline:
  • Introduction to the theory & underlying principles of terrestrial survey, covering subjects such as grids, scales, repeatability, and equipment.
  • Practical sessions based at Northwestern Michigan College using both basic equipment and modern electronic survey equipment.
  • Introduction to theory & practice of GPS
Teaching Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course participants will have been introduced to the principles that underlie all measured survey techniques. Participants will get an insight to the requirements of a range of equipment types through hands-on practical work, and will take away a better understanding of the different roles each type can play in a project.
Cost and Credits:
A maximum of 6 credit points will be available in the Survey module. The cost for the course is $180. It is recommended that students bring their own personal computer for use during the course. Part III courses are open to everyone; however credit points will only be awarded to those who have completed the NAS Part I and Part II Courses.
Suggested Reading:
Bannister A, S Raymond, & R Baker, Surveying, (7th ed), Prentice Hall Hogg, A H A, Surveying for Archaeologists and other fieldworkers, Croom Helm, London.
Bowens, Amanda et al (2009): Archaeology Underwater, The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice, Nautical Archaeology Society, Fort Cumberland.
Course Instructor: Dr. Mark W. Holley