ANT 113 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at Northwestern Michigan College

Course Description:

The study of the role of society and culture in humankind’s adaptation to a variety of environments is the focus of this course. A variety of cultures are studied, utilizing cross-cultural comparisons. Among other topics considered are field methods, theories of cultural evolution, the family, kinship, economics, religion, political organization and language.

Anthropology is the study of all human cultures.  The field’s knowledge base is as diverse as all the cultures of humans on Earth.  This is a central fascination to anthropology: diversity. The strength of Anthropology as a partial online course is that a great diversity of human beings will be brought to your experience through video, creating an effect that cannot be captured in a text book. This course will take you to India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Mexico, the North Pole, Scotland and many other places. It will also take a closer look at “Western” society in the context of a global understanding.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to provide students with the knowledge to:

  •  Understand the concept of culture from an anthropological perspective including the following: to gain a broad cross-cultural background, to know the meanings of the basic concepts and terms used by cultural anthropologists, and to understand research methodology used by anthropologists in studying cultures.
  •  Recognize underlying similarities as well as the wide range and variability of human cultures and to recognize, with “cultural relativity,” that there are a number of valid “cultural solutions” to living on earth.
  •  General Education Outcome Designation for all three Cultural Diversity Outcomes.

Topics Covered:

  •  Practical Field-Anthropology
  •  Michigan Native American Culture
  •  The Pre contact Americas
  •  Terminology used by anthropologists
  •  Methodology used by anthropologists


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Required Texts:

Haviland, W. A. Cultural Anthropology, 10th ed. 2002 Wadsworth ISBN: 0-15-508550-6
Other editions will also work

Mann, Charles C: 1491 New Revelations of the Americas, 2005 Random House

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Course Instructor:

Dr. Mark W. Holley