Directions for finding accommodation at Northwestern Michigan College

– 2016 Field School –

June 13 – June 25, 2016:


If you have booked a package that includes accommodation follow these directions:




Go to Building 10 on the NMC Main Campus map.




If arriving by car, please park in the Chestnut Lot next to East Hall.




East Hall is a 2 story brick building with the words “East Hall” in green letters on the side.




Walk down the sidewalk from the Chestnut Lot towards the grassy area to the south.


Turn left and walk to the south door (with the yellow sign on it) of the building.


There is a brick post to the left of the door with a key pad on it. Push call then 5-1402.


The door will unlock, enter the building turn left and go up the stairs.


At the top of the stairs to the right there is a window where you will check in.




The attendant will give you a security card and a room key.

If you lose your key there is an extra $65.00 charge. Don’t lose your key!


You will sign your name on a log. The attendant will direct you to your room.


At the end of the field school you will check out at this same desk.




East hall does not have air conditioning. Traverse City can be very hot in the summer.

I encourage you to bring a fan for your own comfort.
A set of sheets and a towel will be provided with each room.




You may check in any time 11AM to 11PM.




If you have any problems contact me at 989-307-9651.