NAS Part III Flint Knapping 
Ancient Technology module
This is a one day course in the Ancient Technology Part III module. The course is held at Northwestern Michigan College and is designed to introduce the student to basic concepts of lithic analysis and the role of flint knapping by demonstrating a range of flaked stone technologies. This course will cover basic flake and flake scar attributes and provide hands-on opportunities to practice identification of these attributes. A review of common flake stone tool types and their diagnostic attributes will also be introduced. This course is designed to provide a beginning foundation from which the student can learn about the complexities of the prehistoric flaked stone commonly found in North America.
The course is aimed at both divers and non-divers, anthropology students, individuals undertaking the NAS Training program, together with professional archaeologists wanting to expand their knowledge of ancient cultures specific to the Great Lakes region.
Course outline:
  • Introduction to lithic analysis.
  • Introduction to the uses of flint knapping
  • Percussion blade and/or microblade manufacture
  • Flint knapping practical
  • Bipolar percussion flaking
  • Identification of flake stone tool types
Teaching Outcomes:
This course will introduce participants to the various methods and techniques that can be used to create and identify lithic artifacts. This course has a significant practical component that provides participants with the opportunity to create various types of lithic tools. Students will practice the various techniques used to shape and use lithic tools. Upon completion of the course participants should be able to identify basic lithic manufacturing methods, tool types and debitage.
Cost and Credits:
A maximum of 5 credit points will be available in the Ancient Technology module. The cost for the course is $150. Part III courses are open to everyone; however credit points will only be awarded to those who have completed the NAS Part I Course.
Course Instructor: Prof. Stephen Drake