Bill Turner – NAS U.K. 
William [Bill] Turner started diving in 1968 in the era of the Vietnam War and became a professional military diver the following year.  His interest in diving continued after leaving the armed forces in 1983, when he joined Law enforcement.
Throughout his military and police career, he was an instructor /trainer for various skills commensurate with his professional work, which, at the time of the Balkan conflict included training duties to thousands of local and UN international law enforcement personnel in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo as part of the UNDCP training team within the UN led conflict resolution and stabilization project.
Concurrently to his law enforcement duties and investigative work, in his private time, he became an instructor for the BSAC and the SAA diving organizations.  Always a keen historian, he and Ian Cundy formed the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit [MADU] and began working with and for the Nautical Archaeological Society [NAS] both as participants and trainers.
As an organisation, MADU has undertaken and completed many nautical archaeological projects both intertidal and subsea whilst also holding various protected wreck licences over the intervening years.  Both he and Ian Cundy have been involved in nautical archaeology in the UK and internationally for in excess of 16 years and are founding member contributors to the new UK Licencees organization as well as current NAS tutors.  Bill presently holds the Licence for the protected wreck site known as the Tal-y-Bont or Bronze Bell wreck off Barmouth in Wales on behalf of MADU.
On his retirement from the Police service, Bill set off in his 42ft Carter yacht and circumnavigated the globe east to west, oft times, single handed on passages of thousands of miles through pacific waters, coral atolls and uninhabited islands.
Bill presently holds various navigational and offshore sailing qualifications as well as being a pilot and flying instructor since 1973.  In 1980 he qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician [paramedic].  He is a decorated war veteran and is a qualified diving first aiders and O2 administrators.
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